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Swim Training

Swim Training

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With this swim training track, you can board the Swim Express and progress on your journey to each station as you learn and improve new techniques in a fun and effective way! This track will prepare you with the necessary abilities to become a strong swimmer, be it to have as a safety precaution, to join a swim team, or even to sustain as a hobby.

These lessons are available for all ages, as long as the prospective student already has (at the very least) the basic swimming capabilities outlined in our Drowning Prevention Track. Three difficulty stations (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) comprise the program, and at each station you will find two levels with specific sets of swimming skills that you will learn. Once these skills are achieved, you may progress to the next stage!

Below, you will find the descriptions for each station and level. You may begin and end instruction at whichever levels you believe apply to you or your child; if you are unsure, feel free to consult Coach Mark to find the best fit.



Beginner Station

Here, we focus on becoming more comfortable in the water, learning the proper way to position the body while swimming, increasing the distance one can swim, and breathing effectively while swimming. The Passenger level begins with a slow and relaxed approach, offering assistance with each skill; however, by the end of the Attendant level, the student is expected to independently achieve what he or she has learned.


Level 1 - Passenger

  • Blowing bubbles

  • Straight kicking legs

  • Kicking to the wall in a flat body position

  • Floating on back with assistance

  • Diving to the bottom more comfortably

  • Jumping in and swimming to the wall more easily

  • Kicking to the wall independently (at least six feet)

Level 2 - Attendant

  • Blowing bubbles independently

  • Floating on back independently

  • Jumping and swimming to the wall independently

  • Breathing independently (both back and front)

  • Diving with increased independence

  • Incorporating arms with kick



Intermediate Station

At this station, one can learn freestyle and backstroke techniques. The Crew level will first introduce the concepts of each skill and offer exercises to develop the muscles and practice technique, while the Engineer level emphasizes on perfecting and completing these proficiencies.


  • Side breathing exercises

  • Back kick exercises

  • Freestyle completion (high elbows, low fingertips)

  • Streamline with alternate breathing

  • Freestyle with alternate breathing

  • Backstroke exercises

  • Completed backstroke technique


  • Blowing bubbles from nose

  • Ready positions (front and back)

  • Streamline kicking

  • Streamline kicking on back

  • Back shoulder exercise

  • Streamline and roll over independently

  • Beginning freestyle arms

  • Beginning freestyle arms with back breath


Advanced Station

The advanced station is especially effective for pre-competition lessons, training the student in the breast stroke, the butterfly, cardio swimming, treading water, flip turns, timed swimming, and intense exercises to hone these techniques.


  • Freestyle cardio exercises

  • Backstroke cardio exercises

  • Breaststroke kick (breakdown and exercise)

  • Breaststroke arms (breakdown and exercise)

  • Breaststroke arms and kick (complete exercise)

  • Flip turns

  • Treading water


  • Leg kicking exercises

  • Freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke exercises

  • Flip turn exercises

  • Butterfly kick exercise

  • Butterfly arms and completion

  • Individual and medley swimming

  • Racing and timed swimming


Private & Group Lessons

Thirty-minute sessions are offered as Private Lessons, Swim Together Groups, or Swim Classes. Each session is taught at an accessible pool (home or community) in Broward or South Palm Beach County.

Swim Together Groups are designed to incorporate flexibility for siblings and friends of two or three swimmers, while still improving students' swimming technique. More questions? Visit FAQ

Swim Classes allow for swimmers within a similar level to join an appropriate class that is pre-scheduled and available to join via the online scheduler. Classes are limited to three swimmers and are currently available to clients who live in three communities in Parkland, Florida: Miralago, Heron Bay, and Watercrest. Any more questions? Visit our FAQ page!

Coach Mark is the best he has taught my 3 year old and my 2 year old and I couldn’t be happier with the result. My children have very different personalities, and he individualizes his instruction technique for each kid so well that both of them are able to learn from him in their own unique way. That’s a gift, and rare to find in swim lessons. That’s what makes coach Mark stand out.
— Melissa McLarney