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Drowning Prevention Six-Day Track

Drowning Prevention


The Six-Day Track



If your child fell into the water without supervision, what would he or she do? According to the CDC, children from ages 1 to 4 have the highest drowning rates, with most accidents occurring in home swimming pools. It is our aspiration to minimize that risk by giving your child the skills to safely navigate the water and by equipping you as a caretaker with the knowledge and tools to be involved in the process.

The Drowning Prevention Six-Day Track is for ages 2 to 12, and it is usually a good starting point for children who do not yet have swimming skills. Over the course of six swim lessons, this program equips children with the core basics of swimming so that they can calmly and quickly get to safety when accidentally submerged in the water.

This accelerated program consists of six thirty-minute swim lessons that take place over the course of two or three consecutive weeks. If you would rather your child take a slower approach to the basics of swimming with weekly lessons, feel free to inquire! For your convenience, a variety of times may be available that adjust for work and family schedules, and the lessons will take place at your accessible pool (home or community).


The basic skills that will be instructed include kicking with a noodle, swimming with proper form (a flat body), choo-chooing on the wall, rowing and kicking to the wall, floating on the back, diving under the water, and jumping into the water and returning to the wall.

On the first day, your coach will introduce all of these skillsets to you and your child so that both of you may review them together between classes, allowing you to be more involved. For the following five lessons, each of these skills will be refined, and on the final day the child will perform a water safety test to show what he or she has learned.

Ultimately, the goal is that the child (at minimum) will be able to independently make it to the wall in the pool once tossed in fully clothed. If he or she is unable to do so, free additional lessons will be provided to until he or she can demonstrate that skill. 

Please note that the parent/guardian is required to enter the pool on the first and last days of the track. Each thirty-minute swim lesson will be taught at your accessible pool (home or community) in Broward or South Palm Beach County. If you have two siblings or friend joining your child for the Six Day Track, we offer a special discount.

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We offer a free 15-minute evaluation, which gives you the opportunity to meet a swim coach, ask questions and to see what swim track is best for you child. Contact us to schedule one today!

If your child is under the age of two or you prefer a slower approach, we recommend weekly private lessons, which teaches the same skills but at a slower pace.