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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between a Class and a Swim Together Group?

Both Swim Classes and Swim Together Groups consist of 2 or 3 swimmers. Classes are pre-scheduled by the Swim Express Office; any swimmer at the appropriate swim level may join through the online scheduler. Swim Together Groups are arranged by one parent, who submits one schedule request on behalf of the group through the online scheduler.

What are Swim Classes?

Swim Classes allow for swimmers within a similar level to join an appropriate class that is pre-scheduled and available to join via the online scheduler. Classes are limited to two to three swimmers and currently available to clients who live in three communities in Parkland: Miralago, Heron Bay, and Watercrest.

Watch this quick video on how to enroll into classes

How much do Swim Classes cost?

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Do you provide any special discounts?

Yes! If you purchase a Season Pass, each session is at a discounted rate. Payment plans are available for online purchases. To receive up-to-date specials that are offered throughout the year, sign up here.

What are Swim Together Groups?

Swim Together Groups are lessons consisting of 2 or 3 swimmers that are scheduled through the online scheduler by one parent on behalf of all of the swimmers in the group. For example, if two families wanted to start a group together, one parent would submit a schedule request through the online scheduler on behalf of both families. Upon approval, the Swim Express Office Staff will manually add the other swimmer to the same schedule.

If you need to find additional members for your Swim Together Group, check out the Swim Together Facebook Group to communicate with others in the Swim Express community!

How much do Swim Together Groups cost?

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Can siblings group together for lessons?

If the swimmers have been evaluated and fulfill the minimum requirements for a level 1 swimmer, then they can be in a Swim Training Group together. If there are two children under the age of 2, then one parent will need to be in the water with the instructor for a Mommy & Me Group lesson.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes, there is a sibling discount available for Session Passes. View Pricing Here

Does everyone need to register to be a part of a Swim Together Group or Class?

Yes, everyone is required to register.

Do you offer Adult Swim Classes?

Yes, we are considering adding Adult Swim Classes. We currently have Adult Private Lessons or Swim Training Groups available. Please let us know that you are interested in Adult Swim Classes!

+ Scheduling Lessons

Help! I can't seem to find the different lesson types on the scheduler.

Before you select the "Book Now" tab, make sure that you have switched over to your child's profile. Navigate to the top right corner where a profile picture may be displayed (or a menu bar for mobile devices). Select the swimmer's name. Navigate to "Book Now".

There are three tabs at the top of the scheduler: Lessons, Classes, Six Day Track. Each tab displays different lesson types.

Watch the online scheduler videos for further details:

Client Portal Videos

How long are swim lessons and swim classes?

Each lesson and class is thirty minutes in length, which is recommended for younger children. Older swimmers have the option to extend lessons. Please contact the Swim Express Office for more details.

Where is my pool located according to the online scheduler?

These are the areas represented in the scheduler:

  • Miralago, Heron Bay, Watercrest - Communities in Parkland

  • North Broward County - North of Atlantic Blvd.

  • Central Broward County - Between I-595 & Atlantic Blvd.

  • South Broward County - South of I-595

  • South Palm Beach County - South of Lantana Road

After I submit a schedule request, how will I know that it’s confirmed?

The Swim Express Office will review your submitted request. If the swim coach has enough travel time to arrive at your requested appointment, then you will receive an email notification of the confirmed appointment(s). If there isn’t enough travel time, then you will be contacted to discuss alternative options, alternate coach or signing up on the waiting list.

Is there a waiting list?

Yes, you can sign up for the waiting list through the online scheduler for Swim Classes. If you would like to request a specific time/dates that are not available on the scheduler for Private Lessons or Swim Together Groups, please fill out the wait list form

For Swim Classes, you can sign up for the wait list when enrolling into the class through the online scheduler. When there is an opening, you will be notified via email.

Do I need to have access to a heated pool during the Winter Swim Season?

Yes, it is recommended. To ensure your child’s health and comfort, the pool’s temperature should be 85 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer in the cooler months. Please keep track of the pool’s temperature—in the event of an outside temperature below 70 degrees coupled with a pool temperature below 85 degrees, you must notify the Swim Express Office 24 hours prior to the lesson.

How far in advance can I schedule lessons?

The schedule is available one swim season at a time. The schedule for a new season is available approximately 3 to 4 weeks prior. Seasons are divided into approximately three months:

  • Spring Swim Season - March through May
  • Summer Swim Season - June through August
  • Fall Swim Season - September through early November
  • Winter Swim Season - Late November through early March

Do you observe any holidays? Yes. Swim Express is closed on Good Friday, Independence Day, the week of Thanksgiving, Christmas Day. Any additional closed days will be indicated in the online schedule.

+ Payment

How do I pay for lessons?

Your card on file will be charged upon approval of the schedule request or enrollment into swim classes. If you are paying with cash or check, please notify the Swim Express office (office@swimexpressfl.com) prior to the approval of the schedule request or enrollment into a swim class. Cash or check payments given in person are due on the day of the first lesson. Please make checks payable to “Swim Express LLC” and place in an envelope with the swimmer’s name.

Are there payment plans available for the Season Pass?

Yes, payment plans are available for online purchases, paid in two or three installments.

+ Cancellations and Attendance

If I have to miss a scheduled lesson or class, how do I cancel?

Log-in to your account. Cancel the lesson at least 72-hours prior to the scheduled session. Here is a quick video that shows you how to cancel a lesson through the client portal

If I have to cancel a lesson, can I receive a credit or refund?

Please read our policy for further details.

What is considered an "Early Cancellation" on the client portal?

An early cancellation occurs when a parent cancels more than 72 hours in advance. The paid session pass will automatically be given back to the swimmer, which can be viewed under "Passes and Memberships".

What is considered a "Late Cancellation" on the client portal?

A late cancellation occurs when a parent cancels fewer than 72 hours in advance. The swimmer's account will be reflected as if the swimmer had attended the lesson.

What is considered a "No Show" on the client portal?

If Swim Express does not receive any notice of a cancellation (late or otherwise) and the swimmer does not show up for the session, the session is considered a "No Show" and will be forfeited.

How do I view the swimmer's upcoming schedule and past schedule?

When logged into the client portal, select "My Schedule" in the menu bar. Here is a quick video that shows you how to view a swimmer's schedule.

+ Drowning Prevention Track

How do I sign up for the Drowning Prevention Six Day Track?

Please contact the Swim Express Office to make specific arrangements for this track.